A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

A Nappers Companion: Clouds Over Peach Street Starbucks. (A nice reminder to look for the beauty and signs of hope around us.)

Washington Post: How Branding is ruining journalism

Scary Mommy: What PMS Sounds Like in my Head (LOL..it’s a universal female language, I think).

Erie Reader: Lake Erie in Peril (The subject matter is sobering, but the writing is so fabulous. I haven’t picked up an Erie Reader in …well, I don’t know long, but…I recognized the author of this article immediately — my dear old friend, Katie Chriest. Katie was one of the first writers I brought on board when I started Her Times magazine at the newspaper eons ago because she has a voice that is wise and lyric. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates it (don’t worry, Katie probably doesnt’ really care). Katie, who is a musician (among other things), can turn a phrase better than nearly any writer I know. We have the same mindset, too — a love for nature and earth and music and creativity and freedom — so I can relate even though, on paper, it would seem we have few things in common. I’ve missed Katie’s voice and I’m thrilled to have found it again.  Sidenote: I tried friending her on Facebook and was not surprised to find her not playing that game. I smiled. Of course she’d reject all that crap).

“As the years wore on and the veil was lifted, I’ve seen that democracy is a theory, not a practice. Too many lawmakers are chummy with lobbyists. Too many elections are purchased outright by superpacs. And as long as we hand over our power to corporate monoliths — even our right to clean water, air, and food — none of us is truly free.

I’m hungry for the America I thought I lived in. Hungry for an empowered citizenry who sees that these enormous corporations — like our government — get their power from us.”


Mark Cuban: The Big Mistake Your Making with Social Media (I’m not a paranoid “Big brother is watching” person, but….this is interesting and thought-provoking. It’s likely there are companies that are creating profiles of us based on our social media activity.)