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Time: Stop Paying the Queen With My Tax Dollars

“I would welcome the opportunity to ask Prince Charles to meet a public sector worker who has lost his job, to look him in the eye and justify why his publicly funded holiday is more important than another man’s livelihood.”

Huff Post Women: 11 Things a Woman Can Be that are So Much Better Than ‘Beautiful’ (Love this!)

3. Unapologetic. Not in the way where you don’t apologize when you’ve done something wrong, but in the way where you own exactly who you are — ***Flawless, natch — without apology.

Atlantic: Unusual Homes Around the World

Time: The Over-Parenting Trap: How to Avoid “Checklisted” Childhoods and Raise Adults

Salon: The Super Rich Are Taking Us For A Ride: The Obscene Concentration of Wealth At the Top