A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Time: This is How Successful Leaders Spent Their Teen Years (Me, too. I still love and need my alone time. This is also why I try not to sign the girls up for too much stuff — it stresses them (and me) out and they need time to be bored, to watch clouds, to dream, to get into trouble, to make mistakes, to entertain themselves, and to just be.)

Huffington Post: How to Raise Brave Girls (THIS!)

We give our daughters a head start when we actively nurture what makes them unique, accept them for who they are and don’t pressure them to be someone they’re not! That requires regularly reminding them not to measure their worth by how good they are at sports or math or music, by their complexion or body shape, the brands they wear, the parties they’re invited to or by how many followers they have on Instagram. And certainly not by their ‘boyfriend’ status!

Reader’s Digest: 8 Quiet Signs of Someone Drowning (Being a pool owner…I’ve seen this..and it’s terrifying. When a person is in trouble, they make almost no noise, they just get this weird look in their eyes).

Today: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up: How 1 Tip Changed Everything (It really does feel soooo good to declutter. I’m definitely attacking my closet this summer…and, it may be time to donate all those books, too. I never read “real” books anymore.)