Three things I’m loving this week


1. Princess Awesome dresses. I love that these moms were like …my kid wants a dress with a train on it and I can’t find one, so…screw it, we’ll just make them. What? We can’t find any girly fabric with dinosaurs on it, fine…screw it…we’ll make some of that, too.


2. Fruit infuser water bottle. I got this fruit infuser water bottle from Publix, who sponsored the Savannah Women’s 1/2 Marathon race I did two weeks ago, and was like….meh, I don’t know….sounds fruity. I don’t like water with pulp floating around in it. But…then I tried and now I do. I’ve make water with orange slices and pineapple chunks so far & loved both. I will say that it tastes WAY better with our well water than it does with the “city” water at the college. City water tastes “chemically” to me and it clearly doesn’t mix well with fruit.  (Yes…we do still have a well…and no, we do not have an outhouse).

Also…I love, love, love the race premium we got — this awesome gray-green-and-purple New Balance gym bag (and a drawstring bag, too):



3. Volleyball. I’m glad Kelly chose this sport. It’s quick moving, it’s easy to understand, and it’s actually really fun to watch.


4. Easter Egg Hunts. Always entertaining. I think we’re going to make them do this until they’re like 35. We’ll just hide ‘tuits or wine charms in the eggs or something.

Things I’m not loving this week

shoes - torture

1. Torturous shoes. Who is buying these shoe?  Who? Who (other than runway models)? They look horrific. Can you imagine the marks they leave…and God forbid you get any sun on your legs while you’re out (which, granted, is not a big risk here in Erie, but…). Talk about funky tan lines.

2. The ugliness of early spring.  Is there anything more ugly than Erie in early April? (OK…that’s a little dramatic because I can think of uglier things…you know like children starving, sexual abuse, Baghdad after a bombing, and those shoes up there, but you get my point, right?)

3. Proofreading. I’m leaving this on my list for the rest of my life. Write? Yep! Edit? Yep! Proofread? You should probably find somebody else because I am bound to let you down.