Thomas Gray Lived Six Days, But His Life Has Lasting Impact

“The way I see it,” Sarah Gray said, “our son got into Harvard, Duke, and Penn. He has a job. He is relevant to the world. I only hope my life can be as relevant.”

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National Post: Economically worthless but emotionally priceless’: Children don’t make you happy, but can still be rewarding.

Today … adults often view children as one of life’s crowning achievements, and they approach child-rearing with the same bold sense of independence and individuality that they would any other ambitious life project,” Ms. Senior writes.

Therein lies the second big shift — to a child-centric society. As sociologist Viviana Zelizer puts it, children have become “economically worthless but emotionally priceless.” Since the Second World War, the child has gone from useful to protected and modern parents sink more emotional and financial capital into their kids than ever before.