Things I’m loving this week


1. Early birds. Erieites, have you heard the birds in the morning? I’ve enjoyed being serenaded every morning this week as I walk to my office at 7 a.m.  The sweet sound of spring.

winter driving

2. A very short commute. My commute to work is less than 3 miles now, and I am never more grateful for that than in the winter, especially when things get icy like they have been this week.

3. This:

Things I’m not loving this week


1. Sleeping with Blue. Look, I love this kitten, but he gives whole new meaning to the word “obnoxious”at 4:30 a.m. when he creeps up from his spot at the foot of the bed and lays about 1.5 inches from my face and turns his motor on high. I’ve never heard a cat purr so loud. Then, he commences licking my entire face, with special attention paid to the inside of my nostrils. It’s not nearly as awesome as it sounds. If I cover my face with a pillow or blankets, he bites my fingers. I think it’s his way of making me get up and feed him. What it’s going to get him is banished from the master bedroom.

2. Luge-course driveways and parking lots. My driveway has about 6 inches of solid ice that has only gotten more slick thanks to the rain-freeze cycle we went through when the temperature got above 32 degrees for a 1/2 day this week.

3. Getting sprayed with slush while running. Drivers often “move over” to be nice and to give me room on the side of the road, but….unfortunately, that means they often move over into the pile of soft slush/melted snow that sits between the tire tracks and I get sprayed with freezing cold, wet slush. It happens and it’s pure misery — harder and heavier than you can imagine and if they really get you good, it will ruin your run quicker than a loose dog. I’d say that 80 percent of the time it happens, the driver didn’t mean it and may actually feel bad. The other 20 percent probably get some sort of sick pleasure out of it. An EMTA bus slushed me in Knowledge Park Wednesday I’d have flipped him off, but you know they’re all disgruntled. Mess with a bus driver at your own peril, you know?