Three things I’m loving


1. Water. I gave up drinking soda nearly two months ago. It wasn’t necessarily a deliberate thing and I didn’t drink that much, but I got tired of spending money on syrup and chemicals (I always drank diet soda) that aren’t good for me. I’m surprised how easy it was to give up pop (I don’t miss it) and how much better my body operates on pure H2O.


2. Fleece jammy pants, ski socks and hoodies. I’d not have made it through this winter without this oh-so-fashionable after work wardrobe.

3. This:

4. The end of February. Good riddance to this frigid God-forsaken month. Bring on March!

Three things I’m not loving this week


1. Doing taxes. Somebody’s got to do it. And in our household, that somebody is me. It took most of my Saturday, but ’tis done. All three — federal, state & local — are e-filed.  * Sigh of great relief *

geek love

2. Geek Love. Stupid, weird, hard-to-follow, hard-to-visualize book, but I finished the darn thing.