Three things I’m loving this week


1. Serial podcast. I never listened to a podcast because I have tried listening to books on CD (tape, back in the day) and could never stay with them — my mind would wander off quickly. But, Serial, which was about a true crime (murder) in Maryland in 1999? Wow. I was totally hooked from the first few minutes and was wearing my iPod in the kitchen, on my walk to the office, in my car (low enough to hear traffic…don’t freak out!) and shushing my family. I binge listened the whole first season (12 episodes) in a few days.  You can download episodes to your iPod or your computer. Spoiler: It’s not all wrapped up in 12 weeks. *sigh*


2. Snowmen in my front yard. I love having a frozen family greet me as I come and go from home each day. They make me smile. I love that my kids are still young enough to make them. I know someday soon the kids — and the snowmen — will be gone.


3.  Kelly’s kitty condo. The family got a new desktop and the kitties got a new highrise condo. Kelly painted it in fun colors — hearts on the front, clouds on the sides. The felines moved right in.

Things I’m not loving this week

1. Being the resident “techie.” I wish I weren’t the most tech-savvy person in our house, but…for now, I’m it. So, when the wifi goes down or a  new computer needs hooked up — it’s all me. I can’t wait till my girls outsmart me on this front.


2. Minecraft. Is this the biggest pain-in-the-ass, memory-sucking program or what? Turns out there was nothing wrong with the old desktop PC that I replaced (it was a cable problem), so a friend is giving us another monitor and I’m moving Minecraft back to that PC.  Also, I’m leaving iTunes on that computer, too, because it is another example of software sent straight from the bowels of hell to torture us.


I call bullshit, S.I. This is not a swimsuit — it’s an unraveled sweater ready for the rag bag.

3.  S.I. Swimsuit issue. I don’t know why this is sticking in my craw this year. In past years, I’ve just shrugged the S.I. Swimsuit issue off and tossed it to my husband. But, this year, I called to decline the swimsuit issue for my (yes, it’s mine) S.I. subscription. Maybe it’s because it’s clearly nothing but soft porn (which, fine..whatever, but…I’m not paying for it), maybe it’s because I’m tired of unrealistic standards being perpetuated by the media (no airbrushing the real world), maybe it’s because I’m getting old, maybe it’s because S.I. should realize that women read their magazine (and really just want to tell those poor 18-year-olds that they have value beyond their bodies), but mostly its because I have two young girls in my house and an obligation to keep the sexual objectification of young women out.