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Mclean’s: America Dumbs Down: A Rising Tide of Anti-Intellectual Thinking (If I could insist that every American read this, I would, but would be lost on most of the Gods-and-Guns people who most need to hear the message. This, more than anything, frightens me — people who refuse to think and reason for themselves. Group think is killing us — and our kids.)

Huffington Post: 11 Things Empty Nesters Want Parents of Little Kids to Know

Time: This is the No. 1 Driver of Diabetes (The most interesting part of this is the LIFE photo spread from 1954 at the bottom. It’s fascinating because that “obese” woman in 1954 is probably pretty standard today.  It’s not news to me that sugar is evil…I am happy the country is finally starting to realize it and will, hopefully, do something to get it the hell out of every single manufactured food, drink, condiment, etc.)

Wired: Why do Cats Like Boxes So Much? (Fascinating)

Salon: GOP’s “family values” freakout: How it Declared War On Working Moms (While I sort of object to the inflammatory and polarizing nature of the headline here, it’s a fact that our government — Dems and the GOP — are backing working women into a corner. And, I’m telling you….we b$%#@ are going to come out swinging. I’m ready to fight. Also, I’m sick of the religious right trying to legislate “family values” and morality according to THEIR religious beliefs. What we need are more working women in Congress who will call bullshit on the hypocrisy.)

“Right now, we are living in a country where women who don’t want to be pregnant are being denied the ability to access contraception and abortion while women who do want to be pregnant are fretting about whether carrying to term is financially possible.”

RELATED: New Republic: Labor Pains (A glimpse into the Catch-22 that the plight of every working mother.)