A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

BuzzFeed News: Training, Training, and Branding with the Bikini Bodybuilding Stars of Instagram (Fascinating. Seriously…you have to admire the dedication here.)

Huffington post: Photo Captures Tender Moment 102-year Old Woman Fell in Love with a Shelter Cat. (This makes my heart happy.)

The Atlantic: The Fallacy of “Giving Up” (This hits pretty close to home right now and I’ve been thinking a lot about this. At some point, you’re not saving a life…you’re just prolonging the inevitable.)

“The dilemma of modern medicine, in the era of tremendous medical capabilities—when almost any person can be kept alive well past the point when they would have otherwise died (and, in some cases, after they did die)—is, when are health professionals missing the point? When does care become, to use the word Volandes and Gawande do in their lived stories, torture? Because it is a very rare case now, when there is nothing more that doctors can do.”

The Ugly Volvo: All of My Issues with The “Goodnight Moon” Bedroom (LOL)

NPR: And So We Meet, Again: Why the Workday is so Filled With Meetings (This was a particular problem at my last place of employment. You couldn’t get anything done because you sat in pointless meetings all day. As an “achiever” (Strengths Finder), long, unproductive meetings are pure torture for me. All I can think about are the 10,000 things I could accomplish if I weren’t being held hostage.)