Things I’m loving this week


1. Having a door on my office. I come from a newsroom where there were no walls and you learned to write with constant interruptions and distractions.

When I changed jobs and went to the college, I got my own office in a pin-drop quiet building. The silence was deafening. I had to retrain myself to write without the background noise of a squawking police scanner, coffee-pot conversations, and reporters conducting loud phone interviews.

So because I missed the noise of the newsroom, I never closed my door at the college. Not once. For three years.  Until this week, when a complicated story and a pressing deadline require a little more focus. I knocked that 800-word puppy out in a couple hours. I see more closed-door afternoons in my future.

(Also…is that cutest little door you’ve ever seen?)


2. Ship Your Enemies Glitter. This is hilarious (profanity warning — lots of F-bombs in that link). I know a few people I’d like to ship some glitter to. Apparently, lots of people do because the founder was overwhelmed with demand.


3. Leggings, boots, and long sweaters and necklaces. Finally….a fashion trend I can truly embrace. Happiness is pants with an elastic waist, calf-warming boots, winter-fat-hiding sweaters and cheap costume jewelry.


4. Snowshoeing. One of the coolest, figuratively & literally, ways to see winter up-close if you don’t want to shell out a couple hundred bucks for cross-country skis (or your kids are using them).

Things I’m not loving this week


1. Homework. One child (I’ll let you guess which one) is having a really difficult time remembering she has homework….doing her homework…and turning it in (sometimes all three).  She’s even been known to deceive, mislead and flat-out lie about it and she has the grades to prove it.

I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I’m annoyed with the child and disappointed that she’s not taking responsibility for her work. And, yet, the homework is excessive. She has math and reading to do every night.

She COULD probably get it done in 45 minutes, but she doesn’t…and so the few precious hours we have with our kids between work/school and bed are filled with threats, bribes, and tears. I hate it as much as she does. And it’s only January.

Of course, PSSAs will start soon and as much as I hate standardized testing, the silver lining is that they stop loading them down with homework.