Three things I’m loving this week


1. Galaxy S5. I know that I wrote a few times about how I was “loving” Wal Mart’s Straight Talk smartphone plan — $50 a month…unlimited everything with no contract. Problem is…it was super slow. Painfully slow. So slow we went through the excruciating task of changing providers. We went back to VerizonWireless and are now paying double what we were, but…oh, man…do I love my new Galaxy S5 phone…and the lighting speed at which it operates.  Sometimes it’s true that you get what you pay for.


2. Live tech support. Best customer service invention ever. I love being able to “talk” via pop up box.

winter sun

3. Sunshine in winter. Is there anything more glorious than sunshine and blue skies after a fresh snowfall? It’s blindingly gorgeous…even when it is 5 degrees outside.

magazine basket

4. An empty magazine rack/ My No. 1 goal for my long winter holiday break? Get through the stack of magazines collecting dust in my “to read” basket.  Mission accomplished!

Three things I’m not loving this week


1.  Return to 6 hours of sleep. A working mom can get used to 8 hours of sleep when she’s on vacation for nearly two weeks.  Sucks to go back to the “normal” sleep deprivation.


2. Wolf of Wall Street.  Sex, drugs, money….sex, drugs, money…sex, drugs, money. The whole things gets boring after awhile. It felt like this movie was 6 hours long.


3. Cartwheel App. I realize I may be late to the party, but if…like tend to ignore all the app talk…and you shop at Target, Cartwheel is one application worth installing. You scroll through the available deals (watch the signs if you’re in the store), click on the ones you want to add them to your mobile barcode, then present your phone to the cashier at checkout. The clerk scans the barcode on your phone and you save. Tip: clickon “Trending” to get the most popular deals and scroll through “Expiring” to get the biggest savings.