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Love & Respect: How to Slow Down the Crazy Family Cycle

“Never assume first that a child intends to be disrespectful. Instead, ask yourself “Is my child reacting this way because he needs reassurance that I love him?”

Scary Mommy: Things Unwritten and Unsaid (I could’ve written this myself)

“But the hardest things about parenthood, I have found, are things I actually can’t and won’t share — precisely because I do want to protect my children’s privacy. They are the things that go unwritten, the moments that go untold. They are the days that I feel like I have messed up so much or I am not sure what to do, when I feel paralyzed and frozen and like I just want to go be anonymous in a coffee shop somewhere for a few hours and not be anyone’s mother for a while.”

Run Haven: The 20 Most Realistic Running Resolutions Ever (“1. Do not sign up for races when you have had more than two cocktails.” That’s some serious advice, right there).

Elite Daily: New Year’s Resolution Remix: 15 Things To Stop Doing In 2015

“Stop saying “yes” all the time. No is a complete sentence. You owe no one an explanation for not wanting to go out, not wanting to take a drink, not wanting to stay over, not wanting to go to the reunion.”

Scary Mommy: Dear Fellow iPad Parents