There are currently 24 blog posts sitting in my “drafts” folder. See all the good stuff rolling around in my head that I can’t find the time to type?


So, my lack of posts lately is not due to a lack of ideas or effort, but a simple shortage of time.

Though, if I’m being honest (and you know I’m all about authenticity), it’s not so much of a shortage of time as a choice to spend what free time I do have doing other things ā€” taking the kids bowling or ice skating or walking the dog or meeting friends for a workout & post-workout coffee or sometimes just laying on the couch and reading a magazine.

I’m hoping that with this generous holiday break (one of the best perks of working in academia) that I can find the time to bring a few of these drafts to light.

Right now, though…we’re off to Blue’s first vet appointment. Then, maybe the BayHawks game.

See why I’m not getting any writing done? Doing to much living. šŸ™‚