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scary Mommy: The 7 Stupidist Questions I’ve Heard Being a Parent

“Sometimes I just want to park my min-van full of screaming kids on the side of the highway and run into the woods. How do I manage them? Not very well. Is that the answer you were looking for? Are you satisfied?”

Henry Harbor: How the World Sees a Drug Addict

“Before casting judgement on an addict, imagine the despair. Imagine what it must feel like to believe there is no alternative; to see no other option, to just sit there all alone on the floor in front of your toilet with a needle in your arm knowing that you might lose everyone you love, everything you’ve worked for, for years. In fact, you might lose your life. And, in fact, you might welcome just that. These people need love, not more fuel poured on the fire of their self-loathing. “

Marc and Angel Hack Life: 8 Ways to Free Your Mind and Take Back Control of Your Life

Rolling Stone: An Oral History Of ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’