A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Buzzfeed: 22 Shirts Every Introvert Should Have (Lots of these would fit me, actually).

Time: 10 Things Christians Should Not Do at Christmas (I wish I could force everyone to read this every year. When I say I “hate” Christmas, the reasons laid out in the article are kinda why. It’s about presents and food and drink…and it costs me thousands every year…and…for what?).

The Concourse: The 2014 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog (The funniest thing I’ve read in…maybe… forever. I wish I’d written it and I could have…because you know I scoff at $38 snowman baking pans, silently judge people who buy them, and I love blog posts rife with potty words.)

True Activist: You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home (Hmmm….maybe we CAN afford a cottage/vacation home deep in the country somewhere.)