Three things I’m loving this week

portable charger

1. Portable power bank. I picked up a portable charger on Black Friday for less than $10 and I love it. It has both a standard USB and a micro USB port so I can use it to charge most of my devices, including my phone and my tablet.  I’m definitely sticking one of these in a few stockings this year.

roasted carrots

2. Roasted carrots. I fell in love with roasted vegetables a year or so ago & a friend told me to try roasting baby carrots. Threw some on the pan when I was roasting some zucchini this week and…yum. They’re like candy.


3. Classic literature printed on T-shirts, posters, and tote bags. Totally cool.


4. Little Boy Blue. An unexpected gift. I am in love with this little guy.



Things I’m not loving this week

1. Goop Gift Guide. If you ever want to know what’s wrong with the world and how f#$%ed up our priorities are, look no further than the annual Goop Gift Guide. Maybe Gweneth buys $550 backgammon sets, but in the real world most of us just get the $5 version at Dollar General.  (Though: it should be noted that they “tried really hard” to keep everything under $100….like I spend $100 on anyone but my kids and husband). Sigh.

2. No husband for the holidays. Every year, Dan gets sent to work out of town at the holidays and I can’t even tell you how much it pisses me off. Yes, he’s home for the actual days, but….it’s all the days before when he’s MIA that it hurts — so much to do and now it’s all on me. (And, yet, yes, I’m thankful he has a job.)

3. Christmas, in general. You know I’m a big bahumbug….though a little baby kitty makes the season of excess and hoopla a little more bearable.