This weekend kicked off early Friday morning, like 5:45 a.m. when the tiny meows of a little bitty kitty at Kmart caught the attention of my running partner, Betsy, as we finished our morning four miler. A gray kitten ran out toward us from behind the garbage can at the entrance to the store. It was 30 degrees and I couldn’t leave him there.


I said I’d find him a home. I did. Several offered to take him, but we just couldn’t let him go. I mean…he found ME. So I guess we’re a three-cat home now.

He is still unnamed. Topping the list: Smokey (for his coat color), Marty (for Kmart), Six (for 6 a.m.), Nick (for St. Nick’s Eve…when we found him), Friday (because I found him on Friday) and, my personal favorite: Pepper (for no particular reason).

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