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Research Centered: Advanced Faculty Wrangling Techniques (My marketing friends in Academia will likely identify. For everyone else, here’s a peek into my career in higher education.)

Scary Mommy: The Velveteen Mother

The Belle Jar: For Alicia (excellent writing)

“We put so much faith in our bodies, which is actually kind of funny, because they’re such sorrowfully flimsy things. A bundle of sinews and bones, a fluttering pulse, a damp, rolling eye – we’re really not made of much. We might be built from star-stuff, but we lack the sturdiness of stars, the predictability. It takes a huge gravitational collapse to kill a star; it takes tens of thousands of years for a star to die. But a human body breaks so swiftly and unexpectedly, and there are so many ways for a body to break.”

Huffington Post: These Stunning Dog Portraits Perfectly Capture Each Pup’s Unique Personality

Marc and Angel Hack Life: 30 Things to Let Go Of Before the New Year

Let go of all the little white lies and charades. – How do you build credibility?  It’s not rocket science.  Be honest.  Follow through.  Honor your promises.  Say sorry when you screw up.  Be the type of person you want to meet and spend time with.  Be the type of person whose actions, words and values always agree with each other.”

Scary Mommy: 6 pieces of Unwanted Parenting Advice (and How I Want to Respond to it)

Shouldn’t he be wearing a jacket? Yup, he probably should be wearing a jacket. And you know what, I don’t know when he last changed his underwear or socks, either. But here’s the deal. I told him to put on a jacket, but he’s seven and he listens about as good as a goldfish. Once an evening I wrestle him into the bathtub. I don’t have energy for much more, so I’m letting him figure out a few things the hard way, through goose bumps and rashes. Can you live with that? Because I can.”

Amen. Amen.

Worth Watching

Get your tissues, this video will make you weep.