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Scary Mommy: Mom Rites of Passage – 15 Things You Will Do (I’ve done every single one of them.)

You will feel really guilty for wanting to be alone on Mother’s Day. And, you’ll probably never tell a single soul that you don’t want a terribly-constructed-still-raw-in-the-center breakfast in bed, because just this one day, more than anything, you wanted to sleep past breakfast, and maybe even right up through lunch.

Go Social: 15 Fixes to Your Winter Troubles

Quartz: A Quick History of Why Asians Wear Surgical Masks (interesting)

Scary Mommy: Why All Women Need BFFs (The beginning of this cracks me up because it is CLASSIC. Come with me on a tangent for a moment:

My husband’s family (and friends that are practically family) get together every Friday night for dinner, drinks, bonfire, etc. Sometimes I bow out & go to the mall or stay home & write freelance stories, whatever. A year or two go, I missed a few weeks in a row. Each week when the hubs came home, I would say: So, what’s going on with the family? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.  The next Friday night I attend I find out that someone is getting divorced. Someone’s son is going to be a father. And someone is getting married. Dan’s response when I give him an incredulous, arms-up, SERIOUSLY? Oh, yeah….I meant to tell you that. WTH?! Men.

McClatchy Newspapers: Giving a Smart Phone (Some good advice on setting boundaries & rules when giving kids a cell phone. We’re not there yet, but when we are, I plan in put use this advice.)

Quartz: Why Cats Never Became Man’s Best Friend (“Cats are in many ways still wild.”)