Time: 7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know ABout Wonder Woman (She was quite the feminist icon)

Huffington Post: The Default Parent (Oh, dear God, yes…this is my life…and probably most mothers).

“I handle the needs of all three of our kids: activity sign-ups, transportation logistics, doctor & dentist appointments, friend and boy issues, hurt feelings, school fundraisers, gift buying, haircuts, clothes shopping, and thank you note writing, which, incidentally, is the work of the devil. I also manage the organization of drawers between seasons to see what fits. This is a crap job that only the default parent even knows exists.” (Amen, sister…Amen.

Slate: Creativity is rejected: Teachers and Bosses Don’t Value Out-of-the-Box Thinking

“Unfortunately, the place where our first creative ideas go to die is the place that should be most open to them—school. Studies show that teachers overwhelmingly discriminate against creative students, favoring their satisfier classmates who more readily follow directions and do what they’re told.”

Scary Mommy: At Least 70% of Parenting Sucks (Stick with it — she nails it at the end. Oh…and FYI – there are f-bombs.)

Mattel: On Kindness – My Mother is Sick (This is phenomenal…and thought-provoking and inspiring… and sad…so get your tissues).