The dog is always the first to alert us to our lazy kids because we don’t, as a rule, go sticking our hands under the furniture or between the couch cushions because …gross.

But, when the dog starts sniffing and rooting in the cushions in search of a remaining morsel or two, we know it’s time to take a look.

The other night, from one crevice in the couch, Dan removed: 4 granola bar wrappers, 5 go-gurt wrappers, 3 cellophane packages from cheese crackers, 12 gum wrappers, 2 pop bottle caps, 6 empty fruit snack packages, and 2 plastic crackers-and-cheese packages.

I’m not exaggerating. Actually, I’m probably forgetting some stuff.

I don’t know why my kids think the entire living room is their waste basket. We constantly yell at them about it and routinely drag them in from outside…down from upstairs, etc. to make them clean it up. You’d think they’d get so annoyed that they would just start walking to the kitchen to toss their trash, but you’d be wrong.

Dan is trying a different tactic — visible reminders: