After what happened to Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities who had their iPhone photos stolen by someone who got into their “cloud,” I started thinking what would happen if someone hacked into my cloud and got a hold of my phone photos. What would they find? (Spoiler: no nudies).

Here’s what they would find:

1. Blurry running photos, taken from behind. I clearly have some fascination with ass shots as I have several photos of my running friends from behind. But…then…hey…if you run faster than me, then I’ll find other ways to “get” you.




2. Sunset/sunrise galore. I love me a colorful evidenced by the 10+ sunset/sunrise photos in my cloud: DSCF1597



3. Proof. Yes, I did run 15 miles…so I must take a picture.  IMG_2655

Yes, my kid did make pancakes for me…so I must take a picture. IMG_2695

Yes, I did complete that speed workout myself…so I must take a picture.


Yes, we did score Steelers tix….so I must take a picture.


4. Cat, cats, and more cats. You’d think I was single and didn’t have kids based on the number of cat photos I have in my phone. Note to self: photograph actual humans — especially the ones you gave birth to —  more.



Oh…’s a cat WITH my kid…that counts as a picture of my kid, right? (Cat beard!)


5. Weather reminders. Lest I ever bitch about it being too hot in August, I keep lots of winter photos on my phone to remind me it’s all temporary: IMG_20131216_073428 IMG_20140202_110135 IMG_20140205_155415

Oooh….a sunrise AND snow:


6. Suicide prevention. And, reasons to hang on in the winter.



7. Hair pix.  I had short hair forever and now I’m obsessed with my long hair.

IMG_20140220_231808 IMG_20140410_070948


8. Food shots. Because some meals — like cupcakes & coffee — are worth remembering.


9. Boredom Selfies. Time to kill even AFTER scrolling both Facebook and Twitter? What’s a bored middle-aged Smartphone-owning mamma to do? Take selfies.

Waiting for the Erie Civic Center Box Office to open:


Waiting for the kids to finish their stupid hotcakes & sausage: IMG_20131231_104507

Waiting for the school bus:

mom & lauren

10. Random shit. Figure this one out….


It’s a testament to my miser nature, inability to make decisions, and blatant disregard for opinions that I solicit.

This photo accompanied a text to my husband: Can you see any use for these (in the garage, maybe?) or should I burn them? He told me to burn them…but, of course, I put them in the garage and filled them with gardening supplies and toys.

I should take a picture, eh?