Things I’m loving this week


1. Caffeine. I quite caffeine back at the beginning of the year and was feeling all smug about not allowing some chemical to control me, but it’s crept back into my life in the last few months and…it’s OK because I’m ready to just admit that I need it, OK? I want it and I NEED it. There are worse things I could be addicted to.


2. Our new screen/storm door. Dan put a new storm/screen door on the kitchen door entrance this weekend, and it’s pretty awesome. It wasn’t cheap, but we’re all about Andersen products and they’re not cheap or cheaply made, which is why we like them. The door has the “hidden” screen that slides up & down so we can switch between glass & screen on the top. The screen lets in a nice breeze, the clear glass lets in more light, and the whole thing lets us leave the main door open so we can see the bus as it comes down the road in the morning.


3. Running many miles just because I can. And just because I want to. And just because I love to run with my friends and what better way to spend your birthday morning than getting up early and running 15 miles?

What? Not your idea of “fun?” You just don’t know what you’re missing….like sunrises…and deep conversations with girlfriends…the opportunity to wear a sparkly skirt on a Monday morning…declarations of love on the bayfront connector…and starting the day with a 1,500 calorie deficit.

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Things I’m not loving this week

1. My birthday. Holidays and birthdays are just a disappointment when you get older. They can’t ever live up to our expectations or our memories. The Buddhist thing to say/do would be to expect nothing and accept everything, but….perhaps I’m not that mature/enlightened yet.

2. Macintosh versus PC people. Here’s a question never to ask on Facebook: “I’m thinking of getting a tablet, what do you recommend (I don’t worship at the Apple altar…so iPads are out)?” If you do post that query, what you will get is lots of Apple devotees telling you why you should become an Apple worshiper…and then your PC friends will start taking shots at your Apple friends…and you’ll just delete the whole damned post anyway.

3. The celebrity nude photos leak. I knew as soon as this story broke that what I’d hear, particularly from women, is: “Well, that’s what’s going to happen if you take nude photos,” but no. Just no.  It’s not what they deserved. It’s not funny. It’s not to be expected if you do “dirty” things like take nude photos (by the way, that’s some f%^$ed up thinking right there…on a few levels). It’s not OK because they are public figures. It’s theft and, according to some — and I’m inclined to agree — it’s sexual assault.

Read: Don’t Look: Beheadings, Stolen Nudes and Choosing to Be Decent.

Choose to be decent, my friends. Refuse to look.