Three things I’m loving this week


1. This is my new favorite website for great recipes. Many are paleo-friendly and though I’ve fallen (far…so very, very far) off the paleo wagon, I’m hoping to get back on it again soon.  I bought a veggie spiral thing just so I can make zucchini noodles (zoodles) for the recipe above. Can’t wait to try it.


2. Archery.  Katniss was on to something. I got to try my hand at archery at Girl Scout camp this weekend, and it was kinda awesome. There’s something very satisfying about jamming arrows into pillow targets and the “THWACK” sound it makes. But, then…I’ve been in a mood lately….


3. Sara’s peanut butter & vanilla yogurt cone twist. I’m not a big ice cream lover. I could live without it, but it’s nice every once in awhile. It’s practically a rule that if you’re at the peninsula, you have to stop & get ice cream at Sara’s (or, at least my kids think it’s a rule). When I do indulge in the occasional cone, I opt for a peanut butter & vanilla yogurt twist.  Kelly’s a chocolate girl and Lauren is all about sprinkles.

Three things I’m not loving this week

1.  “Reasons God Made Girls.” This is the most annoying/offensive country song ever. I heard this & thought WTF? Did she just say that?  Seriously? God made us to wear pretty skirts and flirt? F@#$ you. Why not just say he made us to keep house, do laundry and make babies. How insulting in 2014.

Jezebel was all over it, too (I knew they would be. Love my feminist sisters over at Jezebel. Wonder how I can get a job writing for Jezebel? Then I’d have to come up with a pen name or endure lots of trolls and right-wingnuts though, I’m sure.)

2. Multitasking. I used to pride myself on being a champion multitasker. Now I’m starting to think it’s killing me.  Plus, when you get a lot of sh$# done, you get more sh#$ to do.

3. Summer homework. Guess whose kids waited until the week before school starts to do the ridiculous heap of summer homework their teachers sent home? Guess who is not giving a sh&%? Guess who will be probably be picking her kids up from detention? Compared to badgering them for a week to get it done, a ride out the school a time or two is a small price to pay, I figure.

See, I told you I’ve been in a mood…