I’m on vacation this week. It’s a “staycation” — the kind where you stay near home to read, relax, and get some work done.

Job #1 this week was to move into the new kitchen, which I have yet to do because it’s just too overwhelming a task. I keep finding myself wandering around with, oh… a box of Saran Wrap or a strainer, saying, now where am I going to put this? Eventually I give up and just put it back in it’s temporary home.

I need my mommy and she’s been spending her days with my dad at the hospital (long story), so I’m stuck in this kitchen limbo where all the food and most of the kitchen stuff is scattered between the “old” kitchen, the new kitchen and the makeshift kitchen in the basement.

Good news, though…

I did manage to clean out a few drawers from an old cabinet we had been using and I found $20 million:

2 million

With that kind of money, I could totally pay for a professional organizer, right?

Problem solved.

Now, if I can just find a bank that will cash index card money….