A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Runners World: Like a Girl (Really insightful and well written. Wish I’d written it!)

“And truth be told, I’m a tween too. I am in the nowomansland somewhere between it girl and over it girl, between hot and not, between young mama and menopausal matron. We are all just finding our way, tugging at our skin to adjust the fit. And at my house today, this involves a lot of hormones, conversation and compromise, and a finely tuned sense of humor.”

Salon: 10 Bands I’ll be Forced to listen to in Hell (I’d add Jethro Tul, Jimmy Hendrix, the Doors, and Led Zepplin — yeah, you heard me right — to this list)

Paleo for women: 5 Habits that Prevent You From Cultivating Self Love

Scary Mommy: 8 Ways to Be, Like, the Worst Parent to your Teen (I’m taking notes now that I have a real, live teenager. Eek!)

Patheos: I want my Christianity back – without all the ugly baggage

“Who can blame people for thinking Christians are all anti-everything kind of people when members of the U.S. congress like Michele Bachmann present themselves as speaking for all Christians –and via radio waves – accuses gay people of not only threatening the sanctity of “traditional marriage” but claim they are pedophiles who want to “freely prey on little children sexually.”

I don’t want to be that kind of Christian. So, if that’s the only option, I’m opting out. And, I’m not alone. A whole slue of Christians is opting out as well.”

Outside: Alex Hannold’s Van Life (completely unrelated to anything I usually post, but…I found this video fascinating)