The total cost of this little pile of 40 knobs and 17 pulls?

200 bucks


And, we actually saved $20-something because we found the knobs we liked in “value packs.”

Kitchens are EX. PEN. SIVE.

  • Drywall: $600
  • Primer and paint: $200
  • Plaster work: $1,500
  • Appliances: $1,800
  • Can light trims (just the stupid TRIMS!): $400 (granted we need a butt load of them, but..still…it’s a round piece of metal)
  • Ceiling fan: $180
  • Faucet: $200
  • Granite counters: $4,500+
  • New, wider sliding door: $2,000
  • Cabinets: You don’t even want to know…and I don’t even want to tell you.

I could go on & on: Insulation, siding, wood, screws, beer, pizza, chicken wings, door paint, light fixtures, outlets and switches/dimmers, covers for the outlets and switches……and we haven’t even gotten to flooring, the new oak door for the basement, or the hardwood trim for the floors/windows.


But…there’s a light at the end of this expensive tunnel — the granite is scheduled to be installed next week, which means we’ll have a SINK again. A real working kitchen sink! (Halleluiah…Halleluiah…Halleluuuuiaaaahhhh).


Coming soon to my kitchen….this very expensive slab of stone. Woot!

You know I’m cheap frugal, so this whole project has been making my inner miser panic, but the truth is that this kitchen could’ve cost about $20K more, but I know this guy and he’s kinda handy (and he looks good in a toolbelt):



And we have some really awesome friends & family who are always there for us when Dan needs a hand (or 10 or 12 hands):





My role in all this? Oh, well…mine is more of a supporting role, really. I do everything else (housework, laundry, running kids places, etc.) while Dan works on the kitchen nights & weekends. (I do not mow — gotta draw the line somewhere, ladies.)

Also, I whine about spending too much money, order (and pickup) the food to feed the “crew,” and serve as the official “chooser” (cabinets, the color scheme, the granite, etc.). Of course, after I make a decision, I worry endlessly that I decided wrong. That’s when I call my older sister. She got all the girly genes in our family — she’s great at interior design and she loves to cook and sew and dress fashionably. Me? No. Just no.

I can’t wait to share the “after” photos with you. Hopefully that will be before the snow flies, but I’m not holding my breath. I learned long ago not to nag about home project progress and to just live with the disorder and mess. It’s temporary and it’s totally worth it in the end.

And when it is done, I won’t even remember that we spent $170 on knobs and pulls.