A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Bored Panda: 25 of the most creative sculptures and statues from around the world (Wow….so very cool)

Jezebel: Should  you take that selfie: A guide for teens (pretty funny stuff)

Bustle: What I Instagrammed vs. what really happened, or my entire life is a lie

The Mind Unleashed: Ten choices you’ll regret in 10 years

Waldablog: Rising with the Sun on the Ravine Flyer II (oh, dear god…but I guess this is good to know, eh? Also, how do you get that job?)

Jezebel: ‘IDGAF what you think’ is the next feminist battle cry? (Definitely not safe for work…this sucker is full of swear words (as a rule pretty, much anything I post from Jezebel is NSF), but it’s also full of real truth. My favorite part:

“Women cannot win either way — so f&*$ it. To be clear, this is not to suggest anyone ought to give up the fight. Feminism is, no doubt, about really f@#$ing caring, about what happens to our bodies and our livelihoods, about action, about daily, tireless resistance. But what Traister longed for and what I am suggesting is an attitude and a spirit that can help ease the pressure and everyday hazard of sexism fatigue. That can help lead the way when it comes to asking yourself if your choices will be scrutinized and what will they think. The answer is: They will be scrutinized, and someone somewhere definitely thinks you are a travesty. So now what? Gotta do you. Waiting around for anyone else’s approval — male or female — is a fruitless farce. I. Don’t. Give. A. F@#K.”