Three things I’m loving this week


1. Did you know that you can download all kinds of classic books for your e-reader for free? (They are free in the U.S. because their copyright has expired.) It’s not exactly easy to put them on your e-reader, but here are some good instructions (and options) for how to get non-Amazon books on your Kindle (transferring via USB is probably the easiest and is what I did). Word to the wise, rename the file with the book name before you transfer it to your Kindle — on the girls’ Kindle Fires, the names did not automatically come up and I had to go in and change the names, which was kind of a pain. digitizes the classics and they ask you to make a small donation to offset the cost. You don’t have to, but it’s a nice thing to do. Especially if, like me, you download a half dozen classic books and put them on three devices. I’m reading Red Badge of Courage now.


2.  My dishwasher. You guys, I have a dishwasher! (Cue the angels singing.) The counters aren’t on the yet the new kitchen cupboards yet (waiting on the granite guy), but the dishwasher is hooked up and operational. And it’s pretty awesome to just stick all the dirty dishes in a big metal box and let it do all the work.


3. The cool temps. Everyone is whining about the cold temps this week, but I find it a welcome reprieve from the typically stifling heat and humidity of July. While temps in the ’60s and ’70s are not great beach/pool/summer weather, it is fantastic biking, walking, running, gardening, and outside activity weather. Yep…you won’t have to put up with any sweat trickling down into your underwear and that is a good enough reason to stop all the whining.


4. Discovering Presque Isle via 2 wheels. This year we wised up and avoided sitting in traffic during Discover Presque Isle by parking in one of the vistas just before the Waterworks area (where all the crafts & food are) and biking our way to the activities we wanted to do & things we wanted to see, such as…

Sunset Point (kite beach):



Beach No. 8, where all the sand sculptures and music were… IMG_1269 IMG_1274 IMG_1276

And out to Perry Monument where we tried out some kayaks…


All the biking totally earned the Cass family a large bag of this deliciousness, don’t you think?


Three things I’m not loving this weekend

1. The unhappy city study. Don’t even get me started on this. Exactly how do you measure happiness anyway? It’s all B.S.

2. Headaches. Thank God I don’t get migraines because the occasional run-of-the-mill tension headache is bad enough.

3. Car repair bills. I now have a car with no rattling in the front end, no warning lights lit up on the dashboard, and operational headlights, but it cost a pretty penny…or more like $860, which sucks. That said, $860 is a grand less than I expected to have to pay. I’m thankful we have the money to pay for it and I realize that a nearly thousand dollar repair bill would be a true hardship for many people today.