A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

We Are that Family: 9 things we should get rid of to help our kids (pretty spot on. I needed to hear this, especially #5)

Scary Mommy: 10 things every mom needs to remember this summer

Outside Magazine: 10 Rules to detox your digital life

Reader’s Digest: How to get rid of ants (Ironically, it doesn’t mention the one thing I’ve found to be a pretty effective barrier — used coffee grounds. I sprinkle them in my flower beds (on top of the bark) that border the foundation of my house and I haven’t seen ants in the house since. Some Starbucks give away bags of used coffee grounds for this purpose.)

Medical News Today: Offspring autism risk linked to pesticide exposure during pregnancy (This is shocking, but not surprising. I’ve always believed pesticides had something to do with this…and likely many other problems (asthma, for one). It is ultimately POISON sprayed on our food — how can that ever be “safe”? And, yes, I’m fully aware I probably eat shit-tons of it unless I pay for “organic” products…and it pisses me off….shouldn’t it ALL be organic?)

The Great Fitness Experiment: 4 reasons people try to take away your beauty and why you shouldn’t let them