Things I’m loving this week

1. Plant markers. Every year, I go cheap and try to use the plant markers that came with my veggies or popsicle sticks or strips of plastic cut out of milk jugs — they always blow (or weather) away. This Christmas, Dan got me some real plant markers from Gardener’s Supply and I love them already.  You write on them in permanent marker, but I plant the same things year after year, so I can reuse them.


2. Weeds. You know what they say…one man’s weeds are another man’s flowers.DSC_0164 DSC_0165 DSC_0167 DSC_0168

3. Sparkle Skirts. I did a women’s half marathon with 23 girlfriends in Niagara Falls, Canada this weekend and we all bought these super cute sparkle skirts. I wasn’t sure about them at first. I thought they might be too flashy….too small or too young for me, but they were actually really cool. I think they were way cuter and much less annoying/scratchy than tutus. Plus, because we ordered so many, they were only $21.50 each.


4. When Google Drive went down briefly this week, I figured it was just me. So…I Googled it (ha..that’s funny now that I think about it) and found this handy site that tells you if a website is actually down or if it’s just you. I ended up having occasion to use it three times this week (I’ve got some computer issues…yeah).


Thing I’m not loving this week

1. Low-res photos…and people who don’t understand what that means. Let me put this in simple terms. If you grab a photo from the Internets…it’s too low res to use in any print publication anywhere. The only place you can use a photo taken from the web is the web. Web photos are 72 dpi (dots per inch), print is at least 300 dpi. And don’t go trying to pull it into Photoshop and just change the resolution because it takes your little 72 dpi photo and pixelates it (see example below).

If you want to use a photo in print…it must have been taken with a camera. And your cell phone doesn’t count either — it also has crap for resolution.


2. Weeknight obligations. They passed Lauren into Advanced gymnastics (dang it) and she really, really, really wants to go. So now, this summer, we have gymnastics two nights a week and swim class one night a week (she also really, really, really wanted to go) and Kelly has voice lessons on Monday nights. If it makes me a bad/selfish mom to not want to tie up three nights a week in our brief summer, well….whatevs. I like unscheduled summer evening spent swinging in the hammock, taking night hikes, and swimming after dark.