Scary Mommy: The Scary Truth About Drowning (Important reminders. Trust me when I tell you that drowning is very quiet. You must be vigilant with kids around water. Drowning people don’t shout or make a fuss…it’s the look in your eyes that tell you they are in trouble). The difference between climate & weather (This is awesome. P.S. Share this every idiot who denies climate change because of a longer winter or cooler summer)

Gizmodo: The Case Against Antibacterial Soap (Seriously…quit using this crap. But, then, good luck finding soaps without it now).

Plos: Over 1 in 3 adults are obese worldwide (So…is no one putting together the fact that developing countries are getting fat because developed countries are sending them food that makes them fat — corn, grains, processed foods, fast food, sugar- and preservative-laden “foods.”)

BlogHer: How to Suffer Less (Amen. There was a time, I had this down flat. Now…I struggle. I need to get back to that happy place again).

“…acceptance is seeing things as they are in the moment and simply accepting this is the experience you are having. The struggle of, “Why is this happening?” or “This should not be happening?” or “This is unacceptable” ends when we accept things as they are. Sometimes there is nothing to do about a situation, as when we were leaving a crowded theater or when we are in traffic. The minute you accept the thing that’s driving you nuts, you stop struggling with it and you stop feeling pain.”