Tonight we went to a picnic/bridging ceremony for Kelly and Lauren’s Girl Scout troop. It was being held at a picnic shelter that I know to be always cold and windy and since it was only about 60 and raining, I made her put on pants, socks, and a sweatshirt. And *gasp* I also make her brush her hair and teeth. She was super mad about being “told what to do.” This conversation took place on the drive to the picnic.

Lauren: When I become president, everyone is going to have a rule.

Me: Oh, really?

Lauren: Yeah, Dad’s rule is going to be ‘No laughing ever again.’

Dan: *laughing*

Lauren: Kelly’s rule is going to be if she talks or farts again, she’s going to be inside (sic) a lot of trouble!

Dan: What’s mom’s rule?

Lauren: To quit being so fancy all the time.

Yeah…that’s me — a real fancy-pants fashion plate. By the way, this is the “fancy” outfit I wore to the picnic:

fancy pants