Three things I’m loving this week


1. #yesallwomen. If you haven’t been following this on Twitter, you may want to take a look. If, like me, you have to request your password because it’s been so long since you signed in, I assure you it’s worth it. Some have posted some very thought-provoking stuff. Some have posted vitriol, too, but you’ll have that.

Sadly, I’ve never given much thought to the things women are posting. Like most, I’ve just accepted what is. And being a woman means you learn basic self defense and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations (running alone in the dark).  So it’s probably good we throw some light on the fact that it really shouldn’t even be that way and start a conversation about it.


2. Erie Gymnastics Center shows. The year-end shows that the students and teachers at the Erie Gymnastics Center put on are always hot, cramped, and long, but…they are fantastic and totally worth the sweaty shirt, backache, and leg cramps you leave with. I’m amazed, not only by the talent of the students, but by the choreography and organization of the entire show. The owner keeps things moving and every child gets a few moments in the spotlight to show off their favorite gymnastics move.


3. Slave labor Helpful kids. The day has finally arrived where my kids are actually able to help lighten the load of household duties. This weekend, we had both of them out in the yard helping us spread bark. We laid 3 yards in less than 5 hours — record time. Then, the next day, they helped paint the kitchen (and we didn’t even have to repaint it). Finally…having kids may be starting to pay off.

Three things I’m not loving this week:

1. Procrastination/distraction/lack of discipline. Call it what you want, but I have a hard time getting anything done before I absolutely have to. I’m a deadline-driven kinda girl.

2. Blood-thirsty pets. Sam and Ollie (who has decided he’s going to be an indoor/outdoor cat) are now working together to rid the yard of small birds and animals. Sam’s got more than a few notches on his belt. I’m not sure if Ollie has made his first kill, but it’s just a matter of time before some unsuspecting morning dove notices his crouching tiger-striped butt a little too late.

3. Waste Management.  My quarterly garbage bill is now up to $126. My mother, who lives four miles from me, pays a third of that for the same service. Difference? Her township has a contract with the company and my township doesn’t (because it means forcing every resident to pay for garbage service). My township says they don’t want to take away our right to make a choice, but there is no choice — Waste Management is the only real game in town. And if another does come along, they buy them out….and there you are, back writing checks to Waste Management again.