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Scary Mommy: Why I stopped trying to make my daughter pretty (This reminds me of me & Kelly and, she’s right, I need to stop, too)

Outside magazine: If you’re not eating enough, you might gain weight (I’d guess the vast majority of us eat way too much — we’ve learned to eat based on time and social cues instead of actual hunger — but…just be aware that if you’re severely restricting calories, your body will fit tooth & nail to keep every one of them. Our bodies are designed for survival…they could give a shit what you look like in jeans).

Scary Mommy: Four parenting lessons I learned from being a teacher (love this)

Outside magazine: Melting of Antarctic Ice Sheet Irreversible (Shits about to get real)

Related story:  Natural wonders you should see before they’re destroyed by global warming.

Reader’s Digest: 23 Contemporary writers you should’ve read by now