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Outside: Eight Household Items that Could Save Your Life (I don’t know why, but I find this article oddly intriguing.)

What Death Has Taught Me About Life: Yes, it Matters How You Die (or, rather, how you live before you die)

Huffington Post: The Place Where You Belong

Hands-free Mamma: Children Who Shine From Within (love this…really hits home for me..the mother of a couple of fireflies).

The Great Fitness Experiment: Learning to Enjoy the Now: 8 Steps to Ditching Worry and Regret

Erie Times-News: Archive to Honor Erie’s Chittister

“Although she’s said she’s had no call to the priesthood, Chittister has been outspoken on where she believes women belong, including their role in the Catholic Church. She was once ordered by Rome not to speak at a conference on women’s ordination. She did anyway.

Chittister said that women must be part of the decision-making process on issues that affect women as much as men.

“We’re nowhere near that yet, anywhere, including in the United States of America and any corporation you know,” she said. “Women in general know that what I’m saying is true.

“I say it so they won’t have to. I say it so they can blame me for saying it but still get the conversation opened,” she said.”