Things I’m loving this week

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1. Presque Isle’s “Natural Impressions” Student Art Contest. This is the third year the Presque Isle Advisory Committee has hosted an art contest for kids from elementary school to college. This year’s theme was “All Things that Fly.” Lauren won third place for her clay sculpture of two swans; Kelly one first AND second place for her photos — “Bottoms Up” and “Reflections on a March Morning.” Artwork will on be on display at the TREC throughout the month of March (2nd floor) stop by and check it out!

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2. Writing. You haven’t been getting the best of me here on A Touch of Cass because I’m writing stories for three publications at work, then coming home and writing freelance stories at night. It doesn’t leave much time, energy or creativity for my personal blog, but cranking out all these stories confirms that writing is my gift. It’s what I’m meant to do. It comes easily to me. Rarely do I start a story having any idea where I’m going with it, I just start writing and I fit all the pieces together and make it flow. There is the occasional story that gives me fits, but, fortunately, they are few and far between. I love that I sometimes find a way to tie a story up that even surprises me. I’ll be writing along and think….oh, look what I just did there…awesome.

3. My insane Team Adrenaline friends. Everything…and I mean everything…is an adventure with this crew — even a windy workout, which I’m totally sorry I missed.




Things I’m not loving this week


1. Ticks. On the very morning this story was on the front page of the newspaper, Dan came into the bedroom where I was knee deep in the Eagle pose to tell me that Sam had a tick and my steady-handed tweezer skills were required. I’ve become quite the pro at prying the little bloodsuckers out flesh. Gross little things. You’d think this winter would’ve killed them all.

2. Cold windy rain. It could be worse, I know, but I find no type weather more depressing and disheartening than cold, windy rain. It makes me curse. And eat.

3. Running. You’re shocked, I know. But there are times I don’t love it all that much. This week is one of them (blame No. 2 up there). Unfortunately, I’m doing a half-marathon on Sunday, so…here’s hoping I can find my mojo by then.