Things I’m loving this week


1. Yoga Warrior challenge. My friend Rhonda Berlin challenged me to do a 14-day yoga challenge — an hour a day for two weeks, rolling through every DVD in Rudy Mettia’s 14-disc Yoga Warrior 365 set.  You know I love a challenge. As a runner, flexibility and core strength are important to me, but …as a busy mom, it’s something I rarely make time for.  It’s not easy to make the time for yoga — actually, it is why I didn’t “just write” this week…I was breathing and downward dogging at 5 a.m. instead of writing — but I really feel like it’s been worth it.

And, how cool is this…Rudy Mettia, the creator of the YW 365 DVDs, joined the party, too. He’s doing the challenge with us. How fun is that?

You can read daily updates on the challenge (there are a group of us doing it) on Rhonda’s blog.


2.  Play/playgrounds. Ten minutes before this photo was taken, these two were at each others’ throats. I ❤ playgrounds…especially because they are good training grounds for Tough Mudder moms.



3. A freezer full of grass-fed beef. We bought a cow…or a half of cow…or rather a half of a half of a cow…and it nearly filled our chest freezer. While I feel bad for the cow, at least I know that he had a nice free-range, green-grass-eating life before he had one really bad day.

4. Walmart product replacement plan. (See things I’m not loving)

Things I’m not loving this week:


1. Smashed iPod. Yeah…so this happened…a mere week (or less) after I got my new iPod and promptly fell in love with it. I must have dropped it in the driveway after swim class when I was trying to carry bags, dinner, coats, shoes and everything else into the house (while the kids bounded in with free arms). I whined on Facebook and a friend asked if I’d bought it at Walmart and if I’d bought the product replacement plan for $20. I had bought it at Walmart, but hadn’t bought the plan.

I got to thinking about it and wondered if I could still buy it because the product was only a week old. I could, so I did and then promptly filed a claim. And for $20 I just got a refund from the Product Replacement Plan to buy a new iPod Nano. Thank God for FB. And, you bet I’m buying the $20 plan on the next Nano I order.

2. Quick-dying phone battery. My phone, which I charge overnight, barely makes it to the end of the workday before it losing a charge. It’s not old and I’ve deleted as many non essential apps & such as possible. Bluetooth and Wifi is not on…so I cannot figure out what’s sucking all the life out of the thing every day. I did download an app — Battery Doctor — that I hope will help keep things in check.

3. Schizophrenic spring weather. Go home, Mother Nature, you’re drunk.