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Buddhist Broadcasting Network: Accepting yourself as an introvert and loving your inner tortoise

Atlantic: Sweden: The new laboratory for the six-hour workday (Oh….what I would give for another two hours in my day..and I have to tell you that nothing makes me more productive than a deadline, so condensing the workday would only make me buckle down & get more done — ask any working mom who’s hell bent on getting out at 5 p.m.)

Time: The Simple Thing That Makes the Happiest People in the World Happy (All true)

New York Times: I refuse to be busy (I think that this should be retitled…I Refuse to Do Things I Don’t Want To because that’s what she’s really saying…which is fine and really what we should all be doing anything. We women do too much out of obligation or to “look good”. Bleh…who cares?)

The Digital Media Mom: My Secret to Getting the Best Deal on a Laptop (Helpful advice if you are in the market for a new PC).

Worth playing with

How many states can you name in four minutes? (I got 41…can you beat me???)