Things I’m loving this week

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1. Getty images. Getty Images, one of the largest stock photo companies in the world, recently made their stock image library free to bloggers, and it’s a true gift, especially for those of us who have been flirting with lawsuits by relying on a Google images search with the keywords “creative commons.”  Getty images has made it easy with embed codes that include the credits. Sahhhweeet.


2. Great Dane Puppy Cam. My Aunt sent me a link to this Great Dane cam featuring new puppies, Gis, Ziggy, Emmit and Hugo. According to my aunt said this woman breeds Great Danes for people who have balance difficulties. She trains them and then gives them away to vets and other individuals.

I am fascinated by these Great Dane puppies and…I gotta tell you, I feel sorry for the mother…all she does is lay there and feed those things all day long. Seriously. Check it out.

Scroll down for links to lots of other interesting wildlife cams, too.

3. Spring peepers. I heard these little amphibious harbingers of spring this weekend. Music to my winter-weary ears.


4. My new sliding glass door. The sliding glass door we put in years ago was too narrow and if there ever was a time to replace it, it is now while we’re gutting the kitchen/dining room anyway. We spent a small fortune on this new, wider door, but…oh…do I love it. It glides open so nicely…has a real lock…and the blinds are in between the glass.  If only it came with a 2 inch force field to keep dog slobber and nose prints off of it….


5. Seeing the neighbor kids again. Warmer weather means parents can finally throw their kids outside without looking negligent or feeling bad when they’re banging on the door whining about frostbite or some such crap. We are fortunate to have a bunch of kids living in the houses around us. I love when they come over because then my girls don’t fight.

Things I’m not loving this week


1. My dead Nano.  My longtime running partner is gone. I ordered a shiny new one, but …it won’t be the same.


2. Chapped lips. This has never happened to me before and now I know why everyone else is always bitching about it. Chap Stick wasn’t event cutting it, I had to go get the medicated stuff Blistex stuff. Come on, spring.