A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

ESPN NFL: The patience of Jim (If you ever feel bad about yourself, your life, your body….remember this).

Eat 24: A breakup letter to Facebook (This is definitely how I feel. From a professional standpoint, I think my time/efforts are better spent elsewhere.  Speaking of professional…read the comments, where the communications director from FB replies…I do hope he’s fired).

Outside magazine: Life Lessons from the third world (love this…wish I could give my kids this opportunity)

Baby Sideburns: Frozen is F’ing awesome and teaches three lessons about love that I love

Behrend Blog: Meet Diana Hume-George (Yeah, I’m plugging my own dang blog, but..I didn’t write this post, a colleague did. And I find this woman fascinating. My immediate thought after reading this was …I want her life).

Worth Watching

Jumpy: The best trained dog ever (Impressive!)