Things I’m loving this week

new camera - tulip

1. SPRING. Yes, I know spring doesn’t really arrive in Erie for two months but, according to the calendar, March 20 is the “official” first day of spring and that’s good enough for me right now.


I’d like to punch whoever worked on this “tile” concept, which is great for touch-screen users and a living effin’ nightmare for the rest of us.

2. Shell for Windows 8. Hate Windows 8 with all those annoying “tiles” and “apps” and lack start menu? I recently found out you can download a free software program that will return your desktop to a classic windows appearance.  And now we do the happy dance.



3. Universal Studios/Orlando. How could I not love a place where it was 80 degrees and sunny. I wouldn’t want to live in Florida (I’m sure it’s a hellish kind of hot in the summer), but I’d sure like to live there from December to April. Universal Studios was perfect for the girls’ age, too (10 & 12). I would not recommend it for younger kids as 90% of the rides/attractions would make most kids scream and cry (dark rides, scary things popping out, big roller coasters, Horror Makeup Show, characters trying to “kill” them, etc.).

4. This. I love the boy…his little suit…his speech impediment…and, especially, the message:

5. And this. My niece’s 10-minute wedding video. Very cool and much more watchable than the six hours of video I have of our wedding and reception.

Deana & Scott Together In Their Phenomenal Alevel Film! from PHENOMENON on Vimeo.

Things I’m not loving this week

1. Angry fliers. There’s a reason the airlines advise you to be to the airport two hours early, folks. And, yet, when faced with long lines at the ticket counter, people start huffing and puffing and yelling at the workers and screaming about missing their flights. I’ll tell you what my Mr. Woodle, my graphic communications teacher used to tell me: Lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part. And…being mean is a good way to make sure nobody goes out of their way to help you. You catch more flies with honey.

2. Kitchen in the basement. And, so it begins. Tonight I must move all the contents of our kitchen cabinets to the basement. The demo portion of the kitchen renovation starts Saturday morning. Dirt, dust, mess everywhere. And all the things we use every day will be in the basement. Silver lining: I should have no trouble working off some of that winter weight when I’m climbing stairs dozens of times a day.

3. Stale sunflower seeds. I am starting to think kids like to eat disgusting, stale food because they leave every freaking package in the house open, like a giant bag of sunflower seeds that are now soft in the middle. Gross.