Three things I’m loving this week

under armour

1. Under Armour cold gear. Once reserved only for winter runs, I’ll confess I’ve been wearing this stuff as clothes…or under my clothes since, like, December. Who can blame me?

bins2 bins1

2. Getting organized. Little things make me happy, like these little baskets from WalMart (just $2 each) that helped me organize my camis by color. I used to hang them and realized that A.) They were taking up too much valuable rod space and, B.) Hanging was stretching them out.


3. Amaryllis. These winter bulbs are amazing to watch grow (as much as an inch a day) and even more beautiful when they bloom with two to four hand-sized flowers. I rescued this one from the clearance shelves at Target a few weeks after Christmas.

Three things I’m not loving this week

1. People who need to put other people down. I don’t get it. I just don’t. How does making someone else feel bad (even if you’re “joking,” which was all know is never really joking — a lot of truth is said in jest) make you feel good?  When I hear people do this, the only thing I think is: Your insecurity is showing.

2. Smack talk. It’s good I’m not a guy because I think I’d probably get into a lot of fistfights over smack talk.


3. A tired drama Queen. It’s crunch time for Kelly and the rest of the cast who will be performing Suessical at Seneca High School (Feb. 28-March 2). Weeknight practices that used to be from 4-8 p.m. now have no end time (they’ll call when they are done) and all-day weekend practices are a must. Much as it will be nice for her to get more sleep (and be less grouchy), I will be sad for this to be over because she has had a blast, made some friends, and gained a lot of confidence.