Things I’m loving this week

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

1. This video. We should all live our lives with this sense of wonder and joy.


2. Target’s C-9 Yoga pants. Maybe I’m a little late to the yoga pants party, I know other woman have been singing their praises for years, but I’m short and it’s not easy to find pants that fit me. But then I found some at Target that fit (and so I bought five pairs). I could live in these. OK, truth…when I’m not at work, I kinda do. I hate jeans.

bay walk

3. My $80 ski pants. I’m not gonna lie, you know it hurt…literally HURT me…to pay $80 for ski pants that were on CLEARANCE at MARSHALL’s (you know, the discount clothing store?), but…sweet Jack Frost, I’ve gotten my money out of them this year and I absolutely love the way they fit. Is it possible for snow pants to be flattering because I swear these ones are.

And, I recently realized what I “bargain” I got on them when I tried to buy some for Kelly and saw most ski pants sell for well over $130. Gulp. Guess I won’t whine about paying $80 anymore. Worth every buck.

Things I’m not loving this week


1. Sled riding. I’m a poser. I pretend to like sled riding, but the truth is I mostly stand around and take photos. I hate the snow spray in my face. I hate the out-of-control feeling. And I constantly worry I’m going to throw my back out again.

2. Wind. Winter breezes make single-digit days downright unbearable and my leather gloves completely impractical.

3. My kids’ stinky feet. I’ve seriously never smelled anything like it in my life. Dis. Gust. Ing.