A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Viral Nova: The Mom Confession (This is fantastic, and something every mom needs to read).

Buzzfeed: 20 Brilliant Life Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know (I’ve done the rubber glove thing…works like a dream.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Why you see robins in winter

Salon: Facebook’s Fatal Weakness (Amen, brother)

“Facebook doesn’t care that I have consistently made my preference clear for years. Facebook routinely resets the default to its own preferred setting, in which a mysterious algorithm decides which updates are worthy of my immediate attention. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let Mark Zuckerberg impose his values on me. So every single time, I change it back. And every single time I wonder: Why do I put up with this? Is there any other tool I regularly use from which I would accept such obnoxious behavior?”

Outside: Trying to help in Haiti (Great read.)

Salon: Generation X’s journey from jaded to sated

“But all of us aged 36-ish to 51-ish should be pretty proud of learning how to “let go and let life.” It’s been a hard-fought battle, and we’ve got the untouched scars to prove it. We don’t need an award—we’ve never even owned a trophy case—so please hold your applause. We’ll just celebrate it quietly, right here, in our hammock of “just fine”, murmuring our “Meh, meh, mehs” while we DVR another generation’s biting reality.”