A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Scary Mommy: Finding Me (oh, I could’ve written this myself. My “personal ticker” never stops either and I know the meaning of the word “overwhelmed” and I know damn well I do it to myself).

Zen Habits: The Child That Holds Us Back (“The trick is to notice that this 5-year-old child is telling you what to do. But don’t listen. Don’t obey. Don’t believe its rationalizations.”)

Blog Her: $2 Fix for Drafty Houses (I am soooo buying these)

Daily Mail: Niagara Falls Frozen Over (We once stopped by Niagara Falls in winter and it was just..fascinating. I’ve been waiting for a good weekend to run the girls up to see what it looks like it winter. These photos give you a pretty good idea though).

Buddhist Vision: Where Your Body Feels Emotions (This is pretty cool)

Thought Catalog: This is What Only Communications Majors Know (“The storytellers are the ones who seek out the greatness in others and want to scream their information from the rooftops. They see something that is usually overlooked, or forgotten, or hated, and see the beauty.”

Washington Post: Sugar Protections Prove Easy to Swallow (See, Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing — subsidizing sugar farming, which is ironic, of course, because it’s the very thing causing the “obesity epidemic” that taxpayers also subsidize in myriad ways. This is so stupid.)