Three things I’m loving this week

photo 1

1. Ski class. The Wilderness Wildcats are back on the prowl at the Wilderness Lodge. While it sucks up our entire Saturday afternoon getting ready and getting the girls out there, it’s totally worth it (and what else is there to do here in January and February).

In the photo above Kelly is posing with Katie, the daughter of my friend and fellow blogger Rhonda Berlin. They’ve been taking cross country ski classes together at the lodge for about four years now.

The kids love skiing and everything about the Wildcats program is awesome — except the drive there. *shudder* Exhibit A:


sam listens

2. A dog that listens. So we’re snowshoeing out back and, when we go out back, I just let Sam trail a leash because rarely is anyone back there and he’s good about staying around us. But Saturday afternoon we ran into the neighbor boys and their black labs. Sam took off, of course. (People! Dogs! Yay!) Well, there’s no hope of catching him when I’m wearing snowshoes (nor wearing running shoes, actually), so I did what every hapless idiot dog owner does and stood there yelling: “Sam! Sam, No! Sam, come!”

And you know what? HE DID. I was floored. I’ve never had a dog like that in my life. Ever. And I might add we never even took him to obedience class.


3. Games. We rarely play games in the summer. That’s probably because we’re outside until sundown at 9 or 10 p.m., but the winter (and the occasional snow day) affords us time to crack open the game cupboard. This Twister DVD game helped us break a sweat on a -2 degree day this week.


4. Eiminem’s new CD.  The Marshall Mathers LP2 is simply the best the eternally-young-looking, foul-mouthed, politically-incorrect white boy from Detroit has ever recorded. (Don’t judge.)

Three things I’m not loving this week:

1. Headaches. I should be done with the caffeine withdrawal headachesby now, but something (hmm…what could it be?????) is still giving me fits. Yesterday 5 Ibuprofen couldn’t touch it. Fortunately, 5 miles with friends took care of it.

Sunset run

2. Frigid temps. The polar vortex we’ve been trapped in this week has put our winters into perspective.  Erie might be the snowiest city in the United States, but we’re definitely not used to single-digit and below zero temps. Minus 3 degrees will, however, teach us to appreciate our typical 20s & 30s.

In other Erie-is-weird, what-the-hell-? weather news, it’s supposed to be 50 and raining this weekend. *Shrugs*

3. An SD-card hating computer. When our desktop computer when kaput a month or so ago, I bought a used one from a local computer repair store because I wanted Windows 7. It’s awesome and works great, but it has no SD card slot and it doesn’t like any of my USB SD card readers. So I have to upload all pix through my laptop. (Oh, pity me) First world problem, I know, but it’s annoying.