Things I’m loving this week



1. Academia. Every year, the university closes between Christmas & New Year’s Day. This year, I’m enjoying 14 days off for the cost of just 1 vacation day. Yes, it’s freaking awesome.


2. Reading and sleeping time. See No. 1 above. This is why I’ve had time to read and sleep. And, again, it’s freaking awesome.

winter fires

3. Winter fires. There’s something supremely cool about warming your hands in front of a hot fire on a 30-degree day. Or is it just totally redneck? Whatevs.

Things I’m not loving this week

sam in snow

1. Indoor puddles. One of the worst things about owning a dog is wiping their feet (legs, chest, belly) when they come in on a wet day. Last week’s mud was awful, but snow doesn’t bring much relief as snowballs collect between his toes and then melt all over the house. Cold, wet socks = irate Heather.

2. Filling both sides of the sink with dirty dishes. This drives me insane because then there I have no open sink to rinse or dump anything. I have warned Dan a few times. Bodily harm is next.

3. Wet dishrags in the bottom on the sink. I have a superhuman power – I can smell a dirty dishrag from a mile away. Seriously. It’s revolting. They get that way because they are left sopping wet.  Along those lines, I absolutely despise having to wring out a cold, wet dishrag. (Sensing a theme here? Cold + wet = bad!).