A random collections of blog posts, articles and other things I think are worth sharing.

Hands-Free Mamma: Taking Away My Daughter’s Smile

Salon: What Stanley Kubrick Got Wrong About “The Shining” (“In King’s ‘The Shining,’ the monster is Jack. In Kubrick’s, the monster is Kubrick…”)

Salon: My Embarrassing Picture Went Viral (An important reminder that, yes, those are real people that everyone is laughing at).

New York Times Opinionator: Rich People Just Care Less (“Reducing the economic gap may be impossible without also addressing the gap in empathy.” True that)

And because I need to find something that’s not heavy/sad/preachy:

Readers Digest: The 7 Types of People You See Every Halloween

People I want to Punch In the Throat: Top 10 Ways Members of Congress are Like Toddlers